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I am seeking a talented children’s book illustrator to breathe life into a children's book that weaves a tale of hope, healing, and endearing friendships! Here’s what I am looking for…
I am looking for a front and back cover. The front cover is the most important. The back cover can be a duplicate of a page inside of the book. Additionally, I need 10 pages for inside the book.
Four and a half years ago, my family and I experienced the unthinkable - the heartbreaking loss of my precious 14-year-old daughter. Caught in a storm of panic brought on by bullying, tragedy struck as we rushed her to the hospital. Despite their best intentions, a grave error by a paramedic, who mistakenly gave a wrong dose of morphine, intended as a muscle relaxant, which resulted in our daughter’s death.
Though our precious daughter remains beyond our reach, our hearts are dedicated to guiding others as they navigate the turbulence of grief and loss. With a sweet kiss goodnight, our youngest son, just two weeks from turning four, unknowingly said his last goodnight to his sister. That same night, they were torn apart, and he awoke to a world robbed of her presence - their innocent bond now eternally preserved in memories, and so began, his grief journey!
Our daughter was very close with her horse. The story is told from the perspective of animals, to help depict the hard lessons of grief. It's a story about 2 horses that are siblings and one suddenly passes. I need illustrations depicting a magical meadow filled with horses, butterflies, and fairies
If you are interested, please let me know your timeline and budget. I will publishing through Amazon KDP, and the story is written by my children and myself.
Attached is a photo of our daughter with her horse. The horses mane and tail now is quite long
Thank you in advance








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