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Introduction of HuntsBot

HuntsBot Product Capabilities

The exclusive one-stop outsourcing task, remote work, creative product sharing and subscription platform on the whole network.

Outsourced Tasks

10+Platforms Overseas Demands Quasi-real-time

HuntsBot aggregates the outsourcing needs of more than 10+ global outsourcing task platforms such as Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour, 开源众包, 码市, 猿急送, etc., making it easy and efficient to find outsourcing tasks and opportunities.

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Remote Work Opportunities

7 continents full coverage

HuntsBot selects remote job on 7 continents around the world, covering technology, design, management, marketing, products and other fields, to help digital nomads who want to work remotely find each other more efficiently.

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Start-up Products(with MMR)

with MMR Freelancers Micro founder

Many times, we wish we could have one or more side jobs, but don't know how to do it. HuntsBot brings together excellent start-up product ideas at home and abroad, which can be filtered by income, classification, etc. I hope these products and practical experience can bring you inspiration.

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Real-time news subscription

Multiple Channels customizable Speed up

HuntsBot's full-platform content (outsourcing tasks, remote work, start-up products) supports DingTalk, Feishu, WeChat, Telegram and email to configure subscription rules, and updates are pushed to the subscription channel is not only efficient but also timely.

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Subscription Process

How Realtime Subscriptions Work


Add "Message Channel"

Configure one or more channels that you want to receive messages (the platform supports message channels such as DingTalk, Enterprise WeChat, Feishu, Telegram, and email).


Set "Subscription Strategy"

Set the subscription strategy for the content you care about, such as: subscribe to the platform of the data source, classification, included keywords, etc., and associate the message channel of the first step.


Start Subscription Task

When the save is successful, congratulations!The system has started to operate automatically according to the configured subscription strategy, and automatically pushes the matching data to the associated message channel.

With HuntsBot, explore freelance opportunities around the world

An excellent freelancer should have the ability to be sensitive to requirements and accurately capture requirements, and HuntsBot provides this opportunity