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Apply only if you are willing to agree to this condition) " Make a website single test page according to the instructions below, we had some bad experiences with Wix people here. we will only hire if …








I am hoping you might be able to help me with a project where I need a very quick turnaround! I need to create a table of major themes and sentiment from the text feedback within an Engagement survey. I am attaching the following files: 1) Example file "NM Comments Extract and Analysis" The Excel file has two worksheets; Analysis - This shows how we classified the text in a previous survey (columns B and C), giving each statement a series of classifications (Column D) and a Sentiment (Column D) that was Negative,Neutral or Positive. Summary Parsed - Shows how we grouped the classification into themes You are more than welcome to use the Classifications in the Example File as a starting point for your analysis in the Working file. (e.g. Communication, Pay, Management, Training, Stress, etc) 2) Working file (SG Comments Extract) This has just one worksheet: Raw Data You will see there are more columns of text because each year had slightly different questions. I need to have the Working File analysed in the same way as the Example File, with the exception that I want to extend the Sentiment to 5 scale items (Very Positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative, Very Negative) There are over three hundred responses (rows) over three years (2019 to 2022) in the full Working File. I am only providing a few here to be sure that you are happy with the project. To prove that you understand the project could you please complete rows 3, 8 and 12 from the Working File. If you believe that you can produce a better form of analysis then I am more than happy to discuss, however I must have the classification and sentiment as an absolute minimum. I need this completed really urgently, by Monday 5th June at the latest As you can see from the files you will need an exceptionally high standard of English to complete this. Can you let me know if you are comfortable with the project requirement and delivery schedule and how much you would charge for this? Many thanks Chris
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