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I need to build wordpress custom pluginI will share project detail in chatIf you have experience please apply hereThanks








I need a basic version of classified website in WordPress using layouts from the below Figma link which is already very clear and thorough to my needs. The twist is I am not going to buy this layout, and want someone to build in using WordPress default theme (Twenty Twenty etc), Elementor builder and WPForms etc. https://themeforest.net/item/classea-classified-ads-figma-template/52143310 The above link has too many pages, whereas we only need following: 1). Homepage 2). Category listing page. 3). Classified Ad Page 4). Search Page 5). User Account Dashboard covering Profile settings, Ads Posted, Featured Ads, Recent Orders, Conversation (Messaging). 6). Login / Signup (Email, Mobile and Google). 7). Most of the categories will use standard form but some categories must have different forms such as Cars, Real Estate, Jobs, Electronics etc. 8). Plans, Memberships, cart and checkout through WooCommerce. In all of this process I will be working closely with the developer to help out some of the tasks using a template that you build such as category creation, forms building etc etc. The website must be: - Responsive to work well on all kind of devices such as Wide Screens, PC, Laptops, Tablets or iPads and Mobile. - Should be cross-browser tested especially for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox. - Able to get configured with Google Adsence. - Able to publish custom ads. - Able for admin to feature an ad for XX number of days which should be automatically turn-off on its expiry. The compensation for this initial project is not much as this is a test project and we haven't got any investor. However, I can guarantee the developer there will be more work for him/her in future as we progress on this website for adding new features. The developer must be willing to do zoom meetings.
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