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I have recently had a website created and not happy with the look and style. I am from the UK and my website looks like it is based in south asia. The overall look should look like a website from the UK or USA...modern and a crisp fresh look so please suggest what we can do.
I have purchased a small quantity of ouds/perfumes around 8 different products to sell via my website.
here is my website it has recently gone live but im not happy with the look :
finally to give you an idea of what I mean by "UK style or USA style website look" see:
Im looking for a similar layout but instead of watches we have perfumes (ouds)
I have a website (which I do not like) not orders or enquiries on it.I want a new site I have wordpress IONIS login so I am ready to start.I want a sleek, stylish looking site with soical media postsI need STRIPE added as I only have paypal at the moment.I need newsletter function, whatsapp , live chat feature (get back fast to potential customers)I need a video reel banner just like my reference sites but with Dubai Skyline, our logo and our gift bag.
with regards to a video reel (see reference sites) they both have a short video clip playing on homepage.








Project Summary: Empire Bias Dress Design Project Overview: We am in the process of creating a new collection for our brand and require support to ensure timely completion. I have multiple designs and need a freelancer to take on one specific design: an empire, bias dress. Scope of Work: Pattern Creation: Develop the pattern for the empire, bias dress based on our brand sizing. Toile Construction: Create a toile (prototype) to perfect the fit and make any necessary adjustments. Sample Production: Construct the final sample using the provided fabric. Key Responsibilities: Independently manage each step of the process from pattern creation to sample production. Ensure each step is signed off before proceeding to the next. Share the completed toile and photographs by post for review and approval. Requirements: Proven experience in pattern making, especially for bias-cut dresses. Ability to create accurate patterns based on brand sizing. Skills in constructing toiles and making fit adjustments. Proficiency in sewing and producing high-quality garment samples. Strong communication skills to update on progress and share timely updates. Materials Provided: Design sketch and construction instructions. Final fabric for sample production. Toile fabric and all other costs must be factored into your fee. Approval Process: Each step (pattern creation, toile fitting, final sample) must be reviewed and approved before moving forward. Sent to UK address. Deliverables: Completed pattern based on brand sizing. Fitted toile with necessary adjustments. Final sample made from the provided fabric. Timeline: Immediate start required to meet the collection launch deadline. Deadline for final garment is 10 June. All steps to be completed promptly with regular updates and approvals. If you have the skills and expertise to take on this project, please apply. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring this design to life! Fee: open to offers, please include a breakdown of your costs in your proposal.
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