3D printed book display design that shows a boat on a rock

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I want to 3d print book displays for a book about a boat accident. I would like the overall size to be less than 11"x11"x11". The boat should be modeled in 3d, stuck on a rock, as shown in the photos.
The books are 6"x9" and 1 inch thick and I want them to be displayed beside the boat. I would like to fit at least 6 books on the display. The books need to be slanted back slightly so they stay standing on their own.
There are some challenges with the boat that I am not sure how to 3d print, for example the railing. Perhaps that will need to be printed separately and attached. I welcome ideas on how to model and print the boat. I can send over more pictures of the boat.
I would like to print the display as one piece. However, I am open to printing it in multiple pieces if designer thinks it would print better. The photos show a person on the boat, I do not want a person in the model, only the boat on the rocks.