Design an LOGO


$500-$1k Guru 设计 海外


Hi We are looking for a qualified logo designer to design a LOGO for our new online store. If you are interested please find the attached samples and apply for the job








The building is a countryside restaurant. This work involves 3D modeling only. I will handle the renderings. You are required to model the entire restaurant for exterior views. Interior modeling should include only walls and doors, as I do not need to do interior renderings. Please do not model the furniture. The terrain of the property should be modeled according to the plan, but not very detailed, respecting only the heights indicated in the plan and the area subdivision. I do not need trees. Do not apply any textures; I will handle that. Please subdivide the geometry only by the materials indicated in the 2D drawing. If you do not understand the Japanese text in the 2D drawing, please copy and paste it into Google Translate. For people who work well, I typically do not ask for revisions (I will make small adjustments that are difficult to communicate), but this only applies if you respect the design and details indicated in the 2D drawing. Sometimes only one revision is needed. I prefer Blender for 3D modeling but it is not mandatory. The quality of the 3D model is most important. Important: The exterior cladding wood boards need to be modeled as individual boards, as shown in the plan elevations, with a 1 mm gap between each board. This work does not involve rendering. Design Details: Please carefully read the attached PDF guidelines. I need very clean 3D polygonal geometry with no messy polygons. The 3D model must adhere to the design details provided in the 2D DWG files. Things to Avoid: BIM and CAD modeling Messy polygons Imprecise 3D modeling Not reading the provided materials and requests The budget below is only a guideline. Feel free to propose your price. Sometimes I prefer a more experienced 3D modeler over a cheaper one. PS. I will give the dwg 2d drawing. the same that are in the pdf. deadline: 27 june 2024 but it's better before
250.0 USD 设计 peopleperhour 海外