Set ssl to my existing website

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Hi,I want someone to set ssl to my existing website (Make my website from http (unsecure) to https).My current website:








We are seeking a skilled freelancer to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for our game app promotion. The website should be designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring it is responsive across various devices. It should also be optimized for search engines (SEO) to improve its visibility. The website will include the following pages/features: Home Page: This page will provide high-level information about our services and showcase our game apps. Games Page: This page will list our games with detailed information, including screenshots and gameplay videos. Game Detail Page: This page will display the detailed information of a specific game, including its features, gameplay, and download links. Terms & Conditions Page: This page will contain the text content of our terms and conditions. Privacy Policy Page: This page will contain the text content of our privacy policy. Blog Page: This page will showcase our recent blogs and provide a list of blog posts. Blog Detail Page: This page will display the details of a blog post, including the title, content, and date. Blog Content Management Page: This page will contain the tools to manage blog posts, including creating, editing, and deleting. We will provide the necessary content, including PSD files of sketches, images, text content, and detailed requirements for each page. The development schedule is divided into three main stages: Redesign: Based on the provided sketches, the freelancer will redesign the website, providing a final preview of how it should look on both PC and mobile. Development: Based on the new design and documents, the freelancer will apply the actual development of the website. Deployment and Feedback: Upon the approval of the initial development, the website will be deployed. We may require feedback and small edits before closing the task. We are looking to complete the project within 3-4 weeks. The freelancer should have a strong understanding of web design principles, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and SEO techniques. Knowledge of mobile-first design and responsive web development is a plus. If you are a skilled freelancer with experience in creating similar websites, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your proposal, including your portfolio and estimated cost, to [insert contact information].
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