Sebright site Wix form field , velo.

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40.0 GBP peopleperhour 技术与编程 海外


We use Wix. We need a field on a submit form that has a rule only to accept certain UK address postcodes that we would supply. i.e DY8 1BC or WC1 7GH








I'm looking for a very talented developer so, I could make a deal with you. You have the knowledge and the tools, I have the idea and experience. I work for 2 companies that have a system in place, but it's not a fair one (the developers got greedy!) and can be tricky at times. I would like to recreate it with some different options, in order to become a way for anyone to make money and choose how much they want to earn per month - this would allow the economy to grow and also, we can all make some extra cash - it's never too much. So, in order to do it, I would need a developer to work with me, as my programming knowledge is very little. If you would agree we could develop it together - I show you the examples and you can see for yourself what I'm talking about. You make money daily if you work with them - a minimum of £2000/month, imagine if you are the app owner! It's earning money almost on autopilot! :) So, I will not be going into much detail because if you don't accept, you also don't have the knowledge and idea of what I'm talking about, so you cannot make it happen. :) My deal to you would be 70/30 - you would keep 30% of the total daily earnings with the contract that you would keep working on the updates of the app - if needed and you are NOT allowed to keep any copies of the app. Have a think about it and let me know. JUST ANSWER IF INTERESTED, I can't stand time wasters and skeptical people! The budget will be discussed privately with the right candidate - the budget money on the contest advert is just to allow people to respond - does not correspond to reality - BE AWARE! Thank you. Kind regards, Joana Massana
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