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We run an e-commerce brand and want help with a couple of things...
1. We want a label designed for a supplement.2. We want a 2 page (4 panel) booklet made.3. We would like a double sided - newspaper style paper made up.4. We would want 5 images designed for social media ads.
We want as many revisions as necessary until we're happy. We would like to use this person for all future projects if they are successful and create what we're after.
If you can send a quote for this as a whole project for all the things mentioned above.
Look forward to hearing back and working with you.Jack








We have an existing website (pethouseksa.com) which needs a complete refresh to a new modern design and simple UI. Once done we will need on-going support to ensure our digital comms (emails, FB & IG) are aligned to optimise sales. We have been in business for 5 years, our current channels work…..but we have out-grown our in-house skills and need professional support to take our business to the next level. Website: Arabic & English versions (we will provide translations) Clean modern design (current design very ‘blocky’ with inconsistent fonts) Clear UI so customers can search by brand, pet or food type Add reviews to Products (we need recommendations as to which Shopify app to use and process) Mobile version to be similar UI to an app Support with SEO Ideas for home page (desktop): Design - Curved or shaped images / banners We don’t have a ‘brand palette’, but we would like a clean bright modern site, so probably white background using our blue as the primary colour with secondary colours in tropical hues (pink, purple etc) Sections for: Our logo Main menu – (Cats, Dogs, Small Mammals, Birds, Aquatics, Shop By Brand Contact Us, Visit our Store, Deliveries) Clear search functionality Shopping Cart Login 3-4 hero banners (ideally these will not take up the whole screen, I hate having to scroll to see if there is anything else to see, linking to collections or products) Promotion of special offers and new items (existing collections) Smaller banners which can be updated weekly with rotating messages / links Download our app Subscribe to mailing list Link to our FB and IG Brand collections – scrolling across with the logos Blog (we have not used this on Shopify as the images seem to take over the whole page, any ideas?) Footer as current Ideas for Home Page (mobile): Burger menu with main header and footer menu options listed Hero banners should be optimised and only take up 25-30% of the screen height Product Filters: Our main collections are Dog Wet Food, Dog Dry Food, Cat Wet Food & Cat Dry Food, these are accessible from the main menu (sub collections of Cats and Dogs) We also offer ‘Shop by Brand’ from the main menu We need improved filters on collection pages; example: Visitor wants to search for Royal Canin Wet Cat Food They either Shop by Brand, in which case they are offered both cat and dog options with currently no way to filter OR they go to Cat Wet Food, but cannot filter by brand Please note we cannot use Vendor as the brand option as this is the actual supplier (not the brand) which is used for our Purchase Orders Digital Comms: Help to verify sender (our current Shopify emails mostly go to Junk, we would consider using other email software) Templates for FB & IG to compliment web design Support with Google Ads
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