A simple, four page static website for a village library

30.0 USD

30.0 USD peopleperhour 技术与编程 海外


This project is to create a simple four-page static website for a village library in India. The project should be either in the WordPress platform or written in PHP, and easily portable (without any paid plugin/subscriptions). It should have the following four pages:
a) Home - Some text area with a photo carousel
b) About Us - Text. Possibility to add photos and details of the library council
c) List of Books - this page should take context from a publicly viewable Google sheet and display it as a table. The table should be able to be sorted on all columns (and filters also need to be provided) for the reader to sort/filter the content. There should be a search bar as well. This page should be dynamic and should take data periodically from the publicly readable google sheet. One reader's sorting/filtering should not affect another simultaneous reader's viewing.
d) Membership - static page with text.
e) Contact us - Text with a basic contact from. On submission, email should go to the admin. Spam checking facility should be incorporated.
f) Login button - with all basic bruteforce attack prevention mechanism and a captcha (Google Recaptch or otherwise).
> There should be an admin login, and only this one login.> The website should be responsive.
DeliveryIn the next 30 days. Delivery should be the full set of codes and all the directions to make amendments when we host it to the web space (e:g, tables to be created, details to be changed, sources such as the google sheet URL to be changed, admin configurations, etc.).When the delivery happens, the person delivering it will have no further intellectual property rights on the project's output and will give full ownership to me.The project should not use any pirated theme, code, images or plugins. The onus and responsibility of legal concerns arising out of the usage of pirated content will be on the developer. However, the developer can use the content that is allowed under appropriate GNU licences.