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We are a QSR restaurant group with a large number of outlets across a handful of counties. We are looking for an experienced developer to help us migrate our Simphony POS API from Transactional Servic…








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I am looking to develop an astrology and horoscope mobile application similar to popular apps currently available on app stores. The goal is to create an engaging experience for users interested in learning about astrology, reading their daily and weekly horoscopes as well as getting predictions and consultations based on their zodiac signs. The ideal candidate would have proven experience building original astrology/horoscope apps from scratch for both Android and iOS platforms. Skills needed include responsive web and mobile app design, backend development, API integration for astrological/astronomical data, and monetization strategies. A strong understanding of astrological concepts and techniques for accurate horoscope generation is essential. Key features of the app would include a personalized horoscope page for each user based on their date of birth, moon sign and rising sign. Users should be able to view general horoscopes for their sun sign as well as moon and rising signs. There needs to be in-depth astrology readings and predictions available on demand or via subscription. An astrologer profile and consultation section for paid services is also planned. Advanced astrology tools for creating customized charts is a plus. The app should have intuitive navigation between various astrology categories. Sign up should be smooth with social logins. App monetization will include ads, in-app purchases and subscriptions. Performance on both platforms must be optimized for maximum engagement.
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