I need a logo/ emblem design for my business

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I would like professional logo design for my personal training, fitness wear and supplement business. Specifically an illustrative 'badge' or 'emblem' style logo suitable for use on clothing and supplements.
The name of my company is 'OPUS FORMA' which translates as 'art/ composition' and 'physical beauty/ physique/ form'.
I would like a sophisticated logo that gives a feel of luxury/ up market whilst also being cool and edgy; something that would transcend and attract multiple age groups. I like the idea of using an adaption/ form of the vitruvian man, which I feel resonates well with my style, business offering and target market, having both a classical aura and timeless recognition. I need something that is simple enough for use on clothing, that looks sophisticated and stylish but not too simple or 'cartoony'.
Colour wise I would like something that is largely monochrome (black, grey, white, smoke, silver) as I feel that gives a sense of 'epic' and timelessness, but that would look equally as good in plain black or white print I.e. for use on clothing.
Note: Please no abbreviated/ acronyms for Opus Forma, as 'OF' is already synonymous for something else entirely I'd prefer not to be confused with!