I need concept drawings and floor plans for vacation rental

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238.0 USD peopleperhour 设计 海外


I need architectural designs and drawings for my new vacation rental concept. To fit within the Lot 2 piece of land in the attached document.
I outline below the features I would like to have, and the specifications I would like to stay within;
1. Main building to consist of 6x 2-bedroom (no more than 100 sqm per unit) & 6x 1-bedroom studio (no more than 35 sqm per unit), built side by side to enable a 3-bedroom interconnecting apartment.
(a) 2-bedroom to be similar to my 17 Cawa property, with the addition of a walk-in wardrobe and small work-desk in the master bedroom, and provision for king size bed in this room. I have attach an image of the type of bedding configuration I want in the 2nd bedroom
(b) 1-bedroom studio is to have the following; small kitchen, bathroom, king size bed, work desk, lounge space with TV, and good sized wardrobe space, excludes laundry
(c) be great to have a minimum of 4x 2-bedroom and 4x 1-bedroom apartments on the ground floor
(d) apartments take up no more than the first 2 floors (inclusive of the ground floor), 3rd floor is to be the roof top area, which can later be developed to add another floor of apartments
(c) provision for elevator made for future, if and when 3rd floor of apartments is built
(d) reception desk and reservations/admin/accounts office near the property entry access
(e) fully enclosed gym placed at the rooftop area
(f) fully enclosed indoor play area for toddlers and small children at the rooftop
(g) roof top garden with lounge, mini bar and BBQ area
(h) consider that gym might be offered out to the public on membership basis, so entry to the rooftop not to impede privacy of live in guests as people go up to the roof top
2. Underground back up water to hold a minimum of 120,000 liters
3. Back up 72kVA generator with back up under ground fuel tank to hold up to 3,000 liters
4. 2x Multi purpose court: basketball / tennis / volleyball
5. Pool with poolside decking and lounge space
6. Children’s outdoor playground space
7. As much grassy open space as we can spare
8. Shared laundry facility, 4 washing machines and 4 dryers, with 3 large sinks
9. 2x staff dorms (1 for men and 1 for women), each to have up to 3x double bunk beds. 4x small private bedrooms with enough space for a queen size bed. All have a shared common lounge area, kitchen, toilet and shower facilities (separate one for men and one for women). 2/4 small private rooms to have their own shower and toilet.
10. Rooftop or other area to have a private space that is not covered which can be used to sun out beddings and other items
11. have a non visible space for clothe line for sun drying
12. 2x Garages, each to be able to hold at least 2 mini bus vehicles - one will be used for storage and the other for storage and possible air boat
13. Car park for up to 18 vehicles
14. Provision for a 40ft container drop off and loading zone near the entry
15. Small commercial Kitchen facility to run room service from