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As part of a quiz, I'm looking for eight fun logos for bands which relate to the questions. These only need to be simple illustrations but must feature the bands' names. No strong preference as to whe…








I have a camping website with the HBook plugin, on Wordpress. There is a spreadsheet of previous bookings to be added to the booking system. The plugin developers have given me the instructions below. I am looking for someone to import the old bookings quite quickly. I am open to offers on this project. Here are the instructions. Thanks - also, I now attach the old bookings that will need to be added in xls and csv format. I give you some information below regarding the import of customers and reservations from the old booking system. Regarding Customers: You would import your customers in the "hb_customers" table of the database. This is more straight forwards since this table is independent of any other table. You need to know how to format properly your existing customer list to match "hb_customers" table structure. You will use the import function of PhpMyAdmin for example. Regarding reservations: There are 2 options : - working with database - working with ical Option 1 - Import via Ical You can create an ical file of your reservations for each accommodation. If your existing system supports ical export or sync, this is the easiest way to go. Alternatively you can compile your ical file but you need basic PHP knowledge. It is rather basic formatting. For example, a calendar with 2 events (= 2 reservations): http://BEGIN:VCALENDAR http://METHOD:PUBLISH PRODID:-//HBook Demo 1//HBook-single-room-1// EN http://CALSCALE:GREGORIAN http://VERSION:2.0 http://BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND;VALUE=http://DATE:20240411 DTSTART;VALUE=http://DATE:20240404 http://DTSTAMP:20230428T085052Z http://DESCRIPTION:NAME: John Doe\nEMAIL: http://SUMMARY:HBook reservation - John Doe - Resa id: 115 http://STATUS:CONFIRMED http://CREATED:20181127T201300Z http://END:VEVENT http://BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND;VALUE=http://DATE:20240221 DTSTART;VALUE=http://DATE:20240120 http://DTSTAMP:20230428T085052Z http://DESCRIPTION:NAME: Jane Fox\nEMAIL: http://SUMMARY:HBook reservation - Jane Fox - Resa id: 192 http://STATUS:CONFIRMED http://CREATED:20190112T011722Z http://END:VEVENT http://END:VCALENDAR You can customize the content of the property SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION. It will be added in the comment section of the reservation table. Please note that the customer information, payment information, nuimber of guests, etc... will not be filled since ical sync is about syncing availability. The room will be blocked for these dates and your client can see all information given in the ical file in the comment section. Option 2 - Work with database If you wish to have all reservation information (number of person, customer created, etc...), you should then use csv import to fill the database with the correct content. If you wish to import the reservations in the same way, you need to be more careful since you will have to take into account: - accommodation type id : "accom_id" column - accommodation num : "accom_num" column - customer id: this will be available once you have imported the customer data in "hb_customers". This information will need to be retrieved from the table "hb_accom_num" once you have created your accommodation types in Accommodations menu.
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