Email chat bot enabled by Chat GPT API

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the algorithm would need to perform the following steps:
Preprocessing: The algorithm should first preprocess the incoming message to remove any irrelevant information or formatting that could interfere with the ChatGPT API's analysis. This may include tasks such as removing HTML tags, stripping out non-text characters, and converting the message to lowercase.
Analysis: The preprocessed message should then be sent to the ChatGPT API for analysis. The API will use its natural language processing capabilities to understand the content of the message and generate an appropriate response.
Response generation: Once the ChatGPT API has generated a response, the algorithm should format the response and send it back to the originator. This may involve tasks such as adding salutations, formatting the response as a text message or email, and attaching any necessary files or links.
Ideal Tech Stack:
Programming Languages: Python or Node.jsWeb Frameworks: Flask or Express.jsNatural Language Processing Library: spaCy or NLTKChatbot Framework: Rasa or BotpressDatabase: MongoDB or PostgreSQLAPI Integration: RESTful APICloud Platform: AWS or Google Cloud PlatformThe ChatGPT API is already handling the natural language processing and response generation, so the application can focus on handling the incoming messages and formatting the responses. Python or Node.js can be used for the back-end development, and Flask or Express.js can be used as the web framework to handle incoming requests from messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or email. A chatbot framework such as Rasa or Botpress can be used to manage the message queuing and response generation. A database such as MongoDB or PostgreSQL can be used to store user data and track engagement metrics. RESTful API can be used to integrate the ChatGPT API with the back-end system. Finally, the application can be deployed on a cloud platform such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform to ensure scalability and reliability.