Fire Station Logo

100.0 USD

100.0 USD peopleperhour 设计 海外


I am looking to have a new logo created. I have attached pictures with text of things I like in the pictures. A few things that have to be included
Irving FireMedic, engine 10 or station 10And our valley ranch logo (included in old logo )Rat character
The 1st picture attached is overall how I'd like the layout to be. Instead of abington fire, it'll say Irving Fire. Instead of tower it would say medic and at the bottom instead of established it would say 10 or station 10 with our valley ranch logo. And instead of beaver its be a rat. Holding the axe the same, but in the other hand holding a long spear.
The coloring is good or something similar. I also have included a Texas flag colored Maltese flag. If that could be worked in and look nice I'd like that. Just not sure how it would look. If not something like the 1st picture.
The last picture is of a rat. That's the art style and very similar to how I'd like the rat to look. Basically insert that rat into the beavers place still having the helmet and gloves and just replacing the one tool for a long spear.
Once job is agreed upon I'll send the old logo that have the valley ranch horn logo that needs to be added at the bottom. I can only upload 3 pictures for this part.Thank you!!