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I need a native English speaker and writer to provide a description of the room paying particular attention to the furniture used. There are 5 different rooms, and each description needs to be between 50-70 words








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I need a writer to produce a guide on how to choose the right portable battery and portable solar panels for a specific circumstance. Also, able to present the concepts in a good looking powerpoint/Google Slide. Total around 2,500 words. The task requires good technical skills and competency with watts, kilowatt hours, energy and power, and how electrical energy is generated and used by devices. The first guide is entitled "What Battery Is Best For My Glamping Pod?" It will take the reader through the process of assessing their energy requirement by looking at the needs they have (heating, washing, cleaning, lighting, computing, entertainment etc and the devices which power that e.g. heater, washmachine, computers, TV, Xbox etc) TV etc etc) devices they wish to run. Then they need to assess how much energy they can capture from the sun on (a) a sunny day in the UK, (b) a rainy day in the UK and (c) shorter days in the autumn bearing in mind how many available solar panels there are. Then they need to look at the battery storage capacity required to store a day's typical energy. Some requirements from us: - You must have worked in this space before with relevant portfolio examples (portable solar power, portable batteries, off-grid living, tinyhouse living, vanlife living etc) - English must be your first language - The writing style must be conversational, technically very precise, but light hearted. - You must absolutely know the different between energy and power. - You may use as much AI as you like to inform or inspire or validate your writing but you must not submit any AI-generated text.
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