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We are lookin for a freelance trainer for .NET full stack for one of our clients. Below are the details,Training mode: OfflineLocation: TrivandrumStarting Date: April or May first week (2023)Duration: 10 weeks








I want a multiple point Arbitrage Crypto Bot that is connected directly to the Blockchain and looks for arbitrage opportunities inside of the individual Blockchain and does NOT need to pass through any exchanges. I have the foundation of a basic format of an arbitrage bot as an example that was open source and runs through a Java script html format. Adjustments that need to be made are, making sure the bot connects directly to the Blockchain and not the exchange among others. This is much simpler way to connect to the blockchain, than connecting to an exchange. The bot I want: I want this arbitrage bot to have a Flashloan feature of 10,000-1 Million Dollars. What will make this arbitrage bot different from others, is that I want it to scan for multiple types of arbitrage and pick the most favorable arbitrage opportunity that it finds. I want it to scan for : Regular Arbitrages (2 point arbitrages), & Triangular arbitrage (3 point arbitrages), & quadriga arbitrage (4 point arbitrages), & pentriga arbitrage (5 point arbitrages), & hexriga arbitrage (6 point arbitrages), & heptariga arbitrage (7 point arbitrages), This is basic Foundation of an Arbitrage Bot can be found here: https://github.com/FireFlyRepo/DEX-Triangular-Arbitrage- Bot-with-JavaScript-v5 Example Video that explains the Type of direct, Truly decentralized Direct Arbitration connection to the Blockchain: https://youtu.be/YHW-4SRVsQU Main points I need the completed product to hit: * Must run directly from My trust Wallet or other Cold Wallet. * Constantly Search individual Blockchains for multi point arbitrages. Whichever opportunities are most favorable for profit. * I would like the bot to focus on all the crypto currencies with 24hr volumes of more than 50 Million USD dollars. Arbitrage opportunities. * I want you to Have Multiple blockchains connected to the bot in the same way. (So as to always have a first come first serve opportunity to Arbitrage.....reason…....if one exchange doesn't present an opportunity, then another might) * Must Run Smoothly
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