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I am looking for a professional Spanish (Latin) translator to help me with a project. I need the translation to be from English to Spanish, and I have a specific deadline that must be met. I need some…








I am doing a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling and will pay 25 people £30 each to do an APS profile test and give feedback on their test results, whether they agree/disagree and how they plan to implement the recommendations. APS profile test is a clinical diagnostic tool used to assess a person's inborn temperament and it is valuable for people to gain clarity on their strengths, weaknesses and needs in areas including tasks, relationships (especially navigating toxic relationships) and more, This test costs up to $75 per person and I am offering it free and it takes 10 minutes to complete and once the test results are made available to you (in about 2 to 3 business days), I will send the report as a PDF for your personal use and as a Word doc to add your feedback, which will take less than an hour to complete. This report is very valuable and giving the feedback is an excellent opportunity for reflection and growth. I need to deliver 25 tests to complete my degree and will eventually be charging clients for this service when I get my license but don't want to rely on friends and family as the test is expensive to conduct and I want to make sure I recruit professionals who will take the test and also be able to gain valuable insight on themselves that can help their business and personal life. I am not looking for a list of 25 people. I am looking for 25 different people to respond to my project :) If you send me a message that you're interested in taking the test, I will send the test link to you via email and the test takes 8-10 minutes to respond to a set of questions. Within a week you will receive your personalised temperament report which will show your temperament needs and strengths in areas of Inclusion, Control and Affection. Once you receive the report, add your feedback on whether you agree/disagree and how you plan to implement the personal recommendations. Temperament is inborn and who we are deep down. If you notice how some babies prefer to be held by strangers while others do not, this is how they are and not a learned behaviour. Personality on the other hand is a mask and changes in different settings and is more based on the environment rather than who a person really is at their core. Personality is a learned behaviour. The APS test is 94% accurate at revealing a person's temperament needs in 3 areas: 1. Inclusion - social orientation. It addresses our need to be around others. 2. Control - are we relatively independent or dependent upon others in relationship situations 3. Affection - how much love and affection do we require from our deep personal relationships There are five temperament types: 1. Phlegmatic - good negotiators; task/people oriented; laidback; friendly; no fear of rejection; need for peace 2. Supine - people pleaser; tender heart; giver; not entirely selfless - needs recognition; says yes when prefers to say no; feelings of inferiority 3. Sanguine - extroverted; invigorated by being around people; loves talking; speaks impulsively; dominates conversations; difficulty slowing down and being disciplined; optimistic 4. Melancholy - serious and introverted; private; demands truth, order, and reliability; gets drained by people especially difficult people; holds in anger for long periods then eventually explodes and regrets it 5. Choleric - fast-paced; gets things done; can be considered a difficult person but is very focused and driven and not swayed by the emotions of others; difficulty dealing with needy, unmotivated people Your personalised report will show which of the temperament types you are expressing in the areas of Inclusion, Control and Affection. Once you receive the report and send me your feedback, I will release the funds. Please ensure that you are either a native English speaker or have very good command of English so you can understand the questions as well as write feedback on the report. The questions are straightforward and in plain English but this will be a waste of my money and your time if your comprehension is sub par. Also please ensure you will take the test because I get charged money immediately I generate the link to your test. This is not a project that requires any specialised skill sets just the ability to respond promptly and have a good command of English. It is also an opportunity to get paid to do a very expensive test for free. Please message me with any questions. Thanks and best wishes, Ada
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