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I need someone in the United States who is familiar with thePower Automate job market. I have been reading some conflicting articles, and I wanted to get some direction from some people who are actual…








Description: We are seeking a skilled developer with experience in compiling and converting open-source software to work on Windows. Our project involves compiling the latest version of GUACD, the Guacamole Daemon, with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) support, to be compatible with Windows. GUACD is an essential component of the Apache Guacamole project, which provides remote desktop gateway functionality. Requirements: Experience with GUACD: Familiarity with GUACD and the Apache Guacamole project is essential. RDP Protocol Knowledge: Understanding of the RDP protocol and its implementation in GUACD. Cross-Platform Development: Proven experience in compiling and converting Linux-based software to work on Windows. C/C++ Proficiency: Strong skills in C/C++ programming languages, as GUACD is written in C. Build Systems: Proficiency in using build systems like CMake, Make, and autotools. Windows Development Tools: Familiarity with Windows development environments and tools such as Visual Studio. Dependencies Management: Experience in managing and resolving dependencies, including libraries and system requirements. Documentation: Ability to provide clear and detailed documentation of the compilation process. Responsibilities: Source Code Analysis: Review and understand the GUACD source code, focusing on RDP support, to identify necessary changes for Windows compatibility. Dependency Handling: Ensure all dependencies, particularly those related to RDP, are correctly handled and available for Windows. Compilation: Successfully compile the latest version of GUACD with RDP support to run on Windows. Testing: Perform thorough testing to ensure the compiled GUACD with RDP functions correctly on Windows. Documentation: Create detailed documentation of the compilation process, including any modifications made to the source code and instructions for future compilations.
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