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The goal is to incentivize customers to download and register. By scanning a QR code in a store, customers can receive a free merchandise kit upon completing the registration process which includes pr…








Objective: To create an interactive online tool that allows users to build print advertisements by entering business details, main body copy, and uploading a photo and logo. The tool should display a real-time preview of the advert and provide the functionality to submit the final design as a PDF. Key Features: 1. User Interface: • A visually appealing, user-friendly form layout. Sections for entering: • Business details (name, contact information, address, etc.) • Main body copy for the advert Upload functionality for: • Business logo • Photo/image related to the advert 2. Real-Time Preview: • Dynamic preview area beside or below the form fields. • Instant update of the advert as the user types or uploads images. • Accurate representation of how the final advert will look. 3. PDF Generation and Submission: • A "Submit" button that finalizes the advert. • Conversion of the final advert preview into a high-resolution PDF file. • Option to download the PDF and/or send it directly to our team. Technical Requirements: Frontend: • Responsive design to accommodate various screen sizes. • Use of modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React/Vue.js/Angular). Backend: • Server-side scripting for handling form submissions and PDF generation (Node.js, Python, PHP). • Integration with a PDF generation library (jsPDF, PDFKit, or similar). File Handling: • Secure file upload handling with validation for image types and sizes. • Temporary storage for uploaded images and logos. Preview Rendering: • Real-time rendering of the advert based on form inputs. • Ensure high fidelity and performance in the preview. Security and Compliance: • Data protection and privacy compliance (GDPR, etc.). • Secure storage and handling of user data. Design Specifications: Form Layout: • Clean, modern, and intuitive design. • Clearly labeled fields and sections. • Error handling and user guidance (tooltips, inline validation messages). Advert Template: • Pre-designed template for the advert. • Consistent font styles, sizes, and color schemes to match View Publishing’s branding. • Placeholder for business details, body copy, logo, and photo. Deliverables: • Fully functional online advert builder tool. • Source code and documentation. • User manual or guide for using the tool. Please provide a detailed proposal including timeline, cost estimate, and any previous relevant work examples. We look forward to collaborating with you on this project to enhance our services at View Publishing.
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