Need a website that will synchronize with app

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Here are the features of the app by I need a website that it will synchronize with. I need the same functionality as below on the website.
Thank you for responding to my AD. We are excited about this project and looking for a professional who assisted us with bringing the best quality version alive.
The App name is: My Legal Team
The app provides access to legal services to citizens.
These main functions are as follows:
User sign up/sign in client portal Attorneys/bail bond portal depending on type of request.
Main menu
What can we help you with? (Each menu option is unique, Information will be collected about the selected option with a series of questions. Depending on selection information will be collected payment collected, request send to portal. options Drop down menu:
-I missed my court date
-I need a lawyer -I need a bail bondsman-I need to know my court date -(data for this will be pulled from a public website) -Remind me of my court date
-I need to file for . . . (this option will allow consumer to complete a template, which will be filled out based on answered questions. The end result will be a PDF file that will be emailed to client after payment. Each filing type has a different template Custody Child support Emergency custody There would be a few other form options
The app needs the ability accept payment User Portals/ password protected Email or download PDF after completion of question using template. Connect to website Data Sercurity Case Status updates Email functionsPush notification