Plugin WP Cost Estimation help

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I am looking for someone who has experience or can with working with the plugin WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder. I need some work done on this as it is more than I can do myself for the pro…








We are seeking a skilled Zoho CRM Extension Developer to integrate our 3rd party software with Zoho CRM. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of Zoho CRM and experience in developing extensions for software integration. You will work closely with our team to understand our requirements and design and develop custom extensions to seamlessly integrate our software with Zoho CRM. This includes creating custom modules, workflows, and automations. The successful candidate will have excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently. Skills required: - Zoho CRM - Zoho CRM API - Zoho CRM extension development - Software integration - Custom module development - Workflow automation - Problem-solving - Attention to detail Since E-invoice technology is used in Turkey, we need to work with local accounting applications. Since this application does not have CRM and B2B features, I want to integrate Zoho CRM with the Accounting application. Afterwards, I will obtain a Zoho Commerce license and ensure that the products on Zoho CRM appear in Zoho Commerce. You can find the API Documents here: When we do this, the product stock should appear equal in all 3 applications. When a product is sold in Zoho Commerce, an invoice should be created on "Parasut" and the sold product stock should be updated. Likewise, when an invoice is created via Parasut, this invoice information must be recorded in the account information in Zoho CRM and the product stock must be synchronized. We want to have source-codes of this extension also to publish on Zoho Market place. Maybe other locals want to have this integration solutions.
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