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Hello, We are looking for an expert life sciences + biotech writer to create ongoing content for a leading bioinformatics company. We are looking for someone with a computer tech background and proven expertise (university qualifications) in biology. The ideal candidate will also have up-to-date knowledge of pharmaceuticals with a demonstrable grasp of drug discovery and, ideally, antibody discovery. In the short- to mid-term, the writer will be responsible for creating the following content for our website: • An immunogenicity-related case study • An in silico drug discovery pillar page (molecular docking, virtual screening, molecular dynamics, etc.) • A life sciences data management pillar page • Ongoing antibody discovery- and drug discovery-related blogs Our Target Audience Overall, our target audience is composed of companies and research institutions in the life sciences industry who are seeking innovative solutions to accelerate their discovery research or improve their data management and analysis capabilities. More specifically, our target audience is composed of two primary groups: Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies – Companies that are engaged in drug discovery and development can benefit from our in silico drug discovery solutions. These may include companies that are looking to identify new drug targets, design new compounds, optimize lead compounds, or improve the efficacy and safety of existing drugs. Our computational expertise can help accelerate the drug discovery process and reduce costs by providing virtual screening, molecular modeling, simulation, and other techniques. Life Sciences Companies and Research Institutions – These organizations can benefit from our data solutions to manage their data, analyze their data, and gain insights from their data. This could include data management, data analysis, data mining, machine learning, or artificial intelligence services. Our solutions can help these companies streamline their research and development processes, identify new opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. Pay £120 per 1,000 words Get In Touch If this is your professional area of expertise, please get in touch providing details of your experience, qualifications, and examples of your work. Thank you very much.
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