Strong developer with design mind

1000.0 USD

1000.0 USD peopleperhour 技术与编程 海外


We are looking for an experienced and talented freelancer to design a website with new product landing pages for our b2b cyber security services. The design should be optimized for SEO, as we are porting content from our current website but with improved look and feel factors.
The successful candidate must have:
• A proven track record of successfully managing web design projects, including meeting deadlines and motivating themselves through the project to completion.
• Extensive experience in WordPress development, specifically in creating websites with top-tier UI/UX designs. and validating the design work before development.
• Knowledge of modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and similar coding languages that come in plugged within WordPress. You wont be doing anything from scratch but must be able to sort out issues.
• Expertise in developing dynamic page layouts that are optimized for mobile devices and across multiple browsers.
• Ability to create custom themes or utilize existing popular WordPress themes such as Avada or Divi Builder in order to craft an attractive user interface.
• Strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles and how they can be implemented into the website structure and codebase.
• An eye for detail on aesthetics such as creating smooth transitions between pages and layouts that meet industry standards.
• Good communication skills in order to work collaboratively with other project members throughout the duration of the project.