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$1k-$2.5k Guru 设计 海外


looking for a developer to create online e commerce mall. the mall should me 3D and virtual tour. the customers should take a tour and go through the stores and buy what they choose 








We are looking for someone to create templates for our text and data charts in Microsoft Word and Excel. These templates should match the design aesthetics of our book's front and back cover, reflecting a modern, bold, and flat style similar to The Economist. Objective: Develop user-friendly and visually appealing templates for Word and Excel. Design Style: Clean, flat, and bold colors with minimalistic elements. Deliverables: Microsoft Word template with comprehensive styles and page layouts Microsoft Excel template with various chart styles and custom table designs Requirements: Word Template: Text Styles: Headings (H1 to H5) Paragraphs Bullet points Footnotes Page Layouts: Title page Table of contents Chapter headings Pages with paragraphs of text Appendices Custom Table Styles: Design tables to match the book's aesthetic Headers and Footers: Consistent design with page numbers, book title, or chapter title Sample Content: Include sample content to demonstrate the application of styles Excel Template: Chart Styles: Line charts Bar charts Pie charts Scatter plots Custom Table Styles: Design tables to match the book's aesthetic We will provide: * Front and back cover of the book (to inform the design style) * Primary colours and fonts used in the book * Sample data and text for creating example charts and styles Here is the front cover Submit your portfolio, including any relevant experience with creating templates in Word and Excel. Please include the text 'I read the full ad' as the first words in your application so we can weed out junk and automatic applications Please say how much it will cost and how long it will take
150.0 GBP 设计 peopleperhour 海外