Develop a python script with GUI for web scraping

500.0 USD

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Dear Freelancers,
this project is about developing a custom, reusable web scraper with simple GUI to scrape product data by category links from an ecommerce website.
The name of the website is
I couldn't find any advanced bot detection techniques like Akamai or Cloudflare.
Please have a look at the requirements posted below/the documents attached and give me a short estimation about how long it would take you to develop the script/GUI.
Summary and requirements:
1.) The scraper/GUI has to offer an input field into which category links can be entered in to scrape product data from a given category link.
2.) The GUI has to offer input fields for a price range so only products within the given price range get scraped from the entered category link (I couldn't find a price filter on the website, so the script has to do this price filtering by itself).
3.) The script has to offer a GUI (GUI has to offer several input fields to enter fixed strings which are assigned to each line per column (per each link scraped of course) of several of the columns of the resulting CSVs), as well as an input fiel into which a maximum number of products to scrape from each category link within the given price range can be entered.
4.) The scraper has to give out the data by two CSV files: one for the product data, one for the category data.
5.) All in all, 9 columns have to be filled out with scraped data, several other columns have to be filled with values which need to be assignable by the GUI by input fields or with fixed values.
6.) One column will we be a description text which will need some HTML-formatting (bringing elements inside of an element into a random order).
7.) The GUI/script should be easy to use for persons who are non-familiar with python or web scraping tasks.
8.) If needed, it should offer proxy support.
9.) I have little experience in web scraping, so finding the right methods and techniques is up to you, I won't limit you in finding the proper way you want to implement this project.

I attached some docments: Please start with Overwiev.pdf (3 pages, one of it is a screenshot), this will give a short summary. If you are still interested, please go on with Details.pdf, it will give you a close view to the requirements. I'm not able to attach CSV files as demo data, but will send them tothe person I will aard the project to in the workstream.
I'm looking forward to your messages!
Thanks and kind regards,