Develop of a GPT-based NFT

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Research and select a suitable programming language, framework, and development tools for the project, considering factors such as compatibility with NFT platforms, ease of use, and the team's experti…








Kingston Society – API integration overview brief (but see complete brief attached) About The Kingston Society The Kingston Society is a small charity working as an activist and educational body concerned with urban development, conservation and heritage. Additionally, we stage monthly public meetings, ad-hoc exhibitions and sit as members on other local interest activist groups. We take part in and respond to developer consultations and local authority planning applications. We are not directly political but do interface with pollical issues such as housing needs, or environmental concerns. Outbound Communications 1) We have three out-facing communication media resources: website, newsletter, and social media. a) Our content output is essentially an ‘article’. b) There are between 10 - 15 different articles a month c) Each article appears across all our media but differs in length and content from one media to the next. (see page 3 Kingston Society – integrations master) Requirement 2) We are looking to both simplify, unify and automate the production for our media. 3) Expressed at its simplest we want a back-end source that pours selective content into a number of other external sources. 4) The back-end source is a database/spreadsheet (e.g. Notion, Coda, Sheets) that holds separately all the data- articles – which we will create for a specific month. The external sources are Wordpress, Mailchimp and social media Twitter and Facebook. 5) The newsletter and the website will publish all articles simultaneously, and publish once a month. Social media will post only some of the articles on an unscheduled basis, and are sporadic and spontaneous. 6) This means that any article must be capable of stand-alone publication at any time, as well as batch publication of all articles. Solutions 7) We imagine we are looking at a Zapier, or Pabbly type integration but maybe a stack developer has other ideas. 8) We are open to staged implementation and we will also consider a partial off the shelf solution, for example for our website using WP Connect’s plugin WP Sync for Notion, or Connect Airtable to WordPress with Air WP Sync. Or MiniOrange’s Automatic Post Sync from External APIs to WordPress. 8) We have no fixed idea of the solution and are looking to your expertise to advise and steer us. 9) We will need to understand separately the costs for each of the three elements including the costs from any third parties APIs or monthly fees from 3rd party suppliers. 10) You will need to be patient as our trustees need to be on board and they meet only monthly. Budget We have no fixed budget in mind, but do consider we are a typical cash-strapped charity. And although not looking for a charity discount we will inevitably be buying at least in part on price.
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