Copywriting project for insurance sales

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Our company needs to develop a series of content items to provide to sales agents and other B2B partners to educate audiences to buy our insurance products. I also need to create items to encourage agents to contract with our company and sell our products. This will involve email copy, social media posts, brochure copy and other items as needed.
While this isn't contract-to-hire, if there's a good fit, I would definitely have need of a copywriter for additional projects on a regular basis.
Experience writing for the insurance industry is not required, but would be a plus.








I am planning on writing a book for business use- the readership will be members of the legal profession. Attached is a voice file of my dictation so that you can hear what i sound like- it maybe that you and I are not a match! I anticipate that there will be at least 5/8 hours of audio which needs to be transcribed. Audio Files would be delivered at least once a week. Each 30 Minute file would be required to be turned round within 7 days I would propose creating voice files like the attached of 30 minutes or so in duration. I would like the files transcribed and returned in word Obviously it is essential that any contractor who takes on this job has great transcribing skills but is also understands rules of grammar etc... I HAVE SET A LOW BUDGET PRICE. THIS IS NOT INDICATIVE OF WHAT I THINK IT WILL COST. I WOULD WELCOME YOUR INDICATION OF WHAT YOU WOULD CHARGE FOR TRANSCRIBING A 30 MINUTE FILE OF MY DICTATION I have set out below the sections that the document /text would need to follow Type font Calibri (Body) TITLE (CAPS, 16 FONT, BOLD, CENTRED) Quotes: Quote: (12 point, italics, centred) Author: ( 11 point, bold, no italics, centred) ********** HEADINGS (caps, bold, underlined, 11 font, empty line following) Text (11 point, justified) Indent for left/right margins are set at 0. Indents for numbers/bullets are set at: • Zero for the first level with text at either 0.7 or 0.8 (depending on how many numbers/how it looks) o 0.7/0.8 for the second level (as above) 1. Zero for the first level with text at either 0.7 or 0.8 (depending on how many numbers/how it looks) a. 0.7/0.8 for the second level (as above) ********** Reading: (16 font, bold) HEADINGS (caps, bold, underlined, 11 font, empty line following) Text…. (11 font, justified) *********** Tips/Checklists: (16 font, bold) HEADINGS (caps, bold, underlined, 11 font, empty line following) Text…. (11 font, justified) ************* Exercises: (16 font, bold) EXERCISE 1 (12 font, bold, empty line following) Text…. (11 font, justified) (It is likely some sections will have more than one exercise) ************ Your private notes/action points: (16 font, bold) ****************
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Needs to hire 3 Freelancers We are a European car parts eCommerce company looking to overhaul select product detail pages to increase organic traffic. Project: Our site has nearly 300,000 unique product detail pages. Not all of these can or should be optimized. Working with our Catalog Managers, we're choosing a select number of pages to re-write with SEO and user experience as the main focuses. Currently, Catalog Managers write our product detail pages. However, with the scale of this project, it's clear that internal resources must be bolstered with outside talent. Scale: Initially, we're looking to rewrite/optimize 100-200 pages, with plans to scale this to ~5000 pages by the end of 2023. Who we're looking for: We're looking for skilled writers well-versed in content SEO best practices. Experience writing product pages is a plus. As this is heavily focused on the automotive niche, having knowledge or passion for the automotive space is recommended. Deliverables/Process: -You will be assigned a list of SKUs -You will be responsible for SEO & competitive research for that SKU -You will need to list target keywords -You will need to write a new H1, subtitle, subheading, and unique description Skills: -SEO Writing -SEO Keyword & Competitive Research -Marketing/Product Page Writing For SEO research, we use SEOClarity and will give you an account to use for your research process. If you have access to or would like to use another tool, that is all right too, and we'd have to discuss that. For project management, we use Fibery. It's similar to airtable or notion. The workflows for this project are already set up, and we can provide a quick onboarding to Fibery to work directly out of there, or we can work through Google Docs and Sheets. You will be working directly with the Content Director & Head of Content SEO. You might be in contact with our internal Staff Writer as well as Catalog Managers for any specific knowledge you require.
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