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Project Overview:Company is an innovative emergency housing platform designed to streamline the process of finding and booking temporary accommodation for homeless and vulnerable individuals. The platform aims to connect local councils, housing authorities, and private property providers, enabling them to easily manage and access temporary housing options. We are looking for a skilled Webflow (or another website builder) developer to create a responsive and user-friendly website using a template that aligns with our design requirements and includes a mapping feature.
Objective:The primary objective of this development brief is to outline the project requirements and expectations for the company platform, including the integration of a mapping feature. The goal is to create an intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing website that allows users to efficiently navigate and interact with the platform.
Target Audience:
Local councils and housing authorities responsible for providing temporary housing to homeless and vulnerable individualsPrivate property providers looking to list their properties as temporary accommodation optionsVulnerable individuals and families in need of temporary housingProject Needs:
Template Selection:Provide examples of suitable templates that align with the company design requirements, branding, and include a mapping featureEnsure the chosen template is responsive, accessible, and optimized for both desktop and mobile devicesCustomization and Development:Customize the chosen template to match the company branding, including logo, color palette, and typographyImplement the UI/UX design requirements, such as navigation menus, housing option cards, real-time booking system, and mapping featureEnsure seamless user flow, from login to browsing, booking, and managing temporary accommodationsMapping Feature Integration:Integrate a mapping feature using APIs such as Google Maps API, Mapbox API, or LeafletJSDisplay available housing options on an interactive map, allowing users to easily visualize and search for properties based on locationImplement additional map features such as filtering options, property details on hover, and directionsContent Management System (CMS) Integration:Integrate a user-friendly CMS that allows the company team to easily manage and update the website content, including housing listings, user information, news updates, and map dataSet up user roles and permissions within the CMS to ensure proper access and control for the company teamTesting and Optimization:Thoroughly test the website on various devices and browsers to ensure optimal performance and compatibilityOptimize the website for search engines and accessibility complianceTraining and Documentation:Provide training and documentation for the company team on how to use and maintain the website, including the CMS and mapping featureOffer ongoing support and assistance as needed
Template selection - 3 days
Development Process - Website completion - 3 weeks - 5 weeks
By providing a visually appealing and user-friendly website for the company platform, complete with an integrated mapping feature, we aim to create a positive and efficient experience for our users, ultimately helping to address the housing crisis and improve the lives of vulnerable individuals.