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 Smart Irrigation project featuring moisture sensors and cloud monitoring platform.  Brochure material is ready with images. Need to re-do some illustrations and overall design. Brochure is about 16 pages of small size.








11 X TASK CARDS TO PRODUCE ILLUSTRATIONS FOR. This is a typical task card below... How to Clean a Toilet Task Card It is essential to keep toilets clean. A dirty toilet will look bad, smell bad and breed germs. Use these instructions to guide you through this task quickly and efficiently. Equipment Required 1. Safety Signs, PPE – Gloves plus any additional PPE specific to the chemical. 2. Bucket and cleaning cloth colour coded (red), abrasive pad. 3. Toilet Brush & holder. 4. Toilet Cleaning Solution. Preparation 1. Place safety signs, wear appropriate PPE. 2. Check bucket is clean and ready to use. If dirty, rinse out with clean water. 3. Fill bucket half way with warm water 4. Add the correct cleaning solution for the task to the water according to directions on the label. (Note: always add chemical to water, not the other way round as to avoid chemical splashing). 5. If possible, ventilate the room i.e. open windows. Cleaning the Toilet 1. Flush the toilet with seat lid closed. 2. Reveal water line by pushing back water in the toilet bowl with toilet brush. 3. Apply toilet cleaner to the inside of the bowl, including under the rim and allow several minutes contact time. 4. Place cloth colour coded (red) into bucket to absorb cleaning solution. 5. Wring excess solution/ water from the cloth. 6. Start wiping the outside and around the toilet, including toilet roll holder, pipework, toilet brush holder, cistern & handle, toilet seat lid (top & underneath) and hinges. 7. When you have covered a small area or when the cloth is dirty, insert the cloth back into the bucket. Wring the cloth and move to the next area to be cleaned. Take care to avoid splashes to other surfaces, if this occurs then wipe clean with a damp cloth. 8. For heavy soiled areas apply pressure to the cloth or use the abrasive pad for stubborn marks. 9. Scrub inside the bowl with the toilet brush, particularly any stains, water line and under rim. 10. Flush toilet rinsing the brush in flushing water. Replace brush in holder. 11. Dry toilet seat with cloth, then close the lid. Final Stages 1. Discard dirty water from the bucket. 2. Clean and dry the bucket. 3. Dispose/launder the cloth. 4. Remove safety sign when area is dry and clear of trip hazards. Close any windows previously opened for ventilation. This task card is offered as guidance only. It is your responsibility to ensure that it reflects the use of the product in your operation and amend accordingly __________________________________________________________ SEE PDF AS AN EXAMPLE... There will be 11 versions of this with different clean task and illustrations needs all in the same style of illustration. THANK YOU POSSIBLE 264 ILLUSTRATIONS TO BE CREATED
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