Directory eBook of Vineyards and Wineries

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I'm looking for someone to help me create an eBook which would be in form of a digital directory. I have a list of 400 vineyard and wineries, with their address, websites, emails, phone numbers, social handle, and facilities available at the site. All of this information has been arranged in a table in MS Word format. What I need is for someone to convert all these contact details into an attractive style directory eBook. The "links" contained within this eBook would be live (hyperlinks), i.e. if the website link is clicked, it opens up the website URL and if the social media link is clicked, it opens up the social media page, or the hyperlink can redirect to other parts of the book.As this is a directory, it is important that the book is visually and aesthetically appealing. For example the name of the vineyards and wineries could be written in cursive font, and a minimal style theme should be with bold colours should be used as a theme.I will provide the introductory note, and author's bio in addition to all the relevant contact details, hence allowing my freelancer to focus on organizing and designing it to look nice. I would need to see what template the freelancer plans to use prior to us commencing, to ensure its in line with my expectations.I'm available for further questions and clarifications as required.Thanks.