Custom reservation system for a private lodge in WordPress

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I am looking to develop a custom reservation system for a private lodge where we have 15 members. The website is 100% private and is password protected and is built-in WordPress. Below are the requirements for the reservation system we are trying to develop.
We Don't Need any payment options as all payments are made at the office when they pick up the keys
Also even if we can get 90 to 95% of below list we can work with that.
1. Owners should be known to the system and available on a drop-down box when making reservations. a. Need easy administrator process to enter and delete Owner names. b. Need to include Board of Directors as an Owner entry with separate password.2. Reservations are by facility (Lodge, Little Lodge, Pond Cabin)3. Administrator needs ability to hide or block any facility when it is not available for extended maintenance.4. Reservation types are Regular, Last Minute, and Single Day.5. Reservation check-in for Regular and Last Minute are at 1pm.6. Reservation check-in for Single Day is at 6am.7. Each facility calendar displays all past and future reservations. a. Display all past reservations for previous year. And display all current and future reservations in the current year. Reset on January 1 of each year. b. Calendar should delineate past and present with different coloring on the calendar display.8. Successful reservations result in a calendar entry and email to the Owner with copy to administrator.9. Administrator may delete or modify any future or current reservation and would include automatic email to Owner responsible.10. Owners should log in to the Owner area of the website and see a dashboard featuring their facility bookings for the current year (some of which may be in the future). Current year defined as January 1st forward.11. System backed up regularly12. Available 24/7
Facility Booking Rules: 13. Owners may select one of 3 kinds of reservations: Regular, Last Minute, Single Day a. Regular: A Night consists of 1pm to 1pm the next day. Owners check in and check out at 1pm. Owners may have seven (7) nights in each facility if they wish. Within those seven nights they may only have one (1) Saturday night and one Friday night. The other five nights may be any combination of weeknights (Sunday through Thursday). b. Last Minute: Owners may review the calendar and make last minute reservations in each facility if a particular night is not booked. An Owner may book up to two (2) nights last minute. An Owner may not book a Last-Minute reservation until 24 hours or less before check in. Check in (like on Regular Reservations) is at 1pm. Owners must wait at least 96 hours (4 days) before exercising another Last-Minute reservation on any facility. 14. Single Day (this is something we want to add) - Owners may review the calendar and make a future reservation for a single day starting at 6am and ending at 6pm. Such a reservation may not encroach on any existing Regular or Last-Minute reservation. Nor may Owners encroach on a scheduled Single Day with any Regular or Last-Minute Reservation. A Single Day reservation counts against an Owner’s 7 Regular days.
Reports: 15. Administrator receives reporting (on demand) a. All Reservations by facility for the current year (from Jan. 1st) b. Total reservations for current year by Owner16. Administrator receives automated yearend report a. All reservations by Owner, facility and type for the year just ending b. All reservations by Facility and type17. Owners would receive monthly email report of a. All reservation activity for the month (if any) b. All future reservations in their name for the rest of the calendar year (if any).
Rules Enforcement: How can we prevent mistakes?1. Owners can not book more than 7 nights per facility in a calendar year a. Of those 7 nights, only one Friday and one Saturday night allowed2. Owner should not be able to over-book any existing reservation3. Last Minute reservation may be no more than 2 nights at a time4. Last Minute may not be booked more than 24 hours ahead of a 1pm start time.5. Owner may not follow an existing Last Minute prior to 96 hours in any facility.