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Website ProjectI am requiring a website home page. The home page will allow someone with a user name and a password to access a Excel calculator created by me. The calculator must reside on the website for accessibility by approved personnel. The website calculator must prevent tampering while having certain limited user friendly cells for inputting critical data. Once the data is input, the remainder of cells should automatically calculate. Once a user has completed working on the calculator they should have the ability to download the information in a pdf format onto a legal size 8 ½” x 11 sheet. In addition, I would like the following:1) The website should track all activity. - User- Time on the site- A copy of all pdf calculator results- 2) The calculator must be updateable with each revision kept in a back-up file. 3) All calculator formulas should not be viewable by users with the website code password protected. 4) It would be preferable that the calculator be constructed in a manner that Petro-logic, LLC (owner) be allowed to update it. A beta calculator should be created to insure any updated calculator is in accurate working order prior to allowing user access. 5) Petro-logic will provide content for the Home page. 6) Contractor will assist in setting up email addresses. - 7) The website should be expandable for additional website pages in the future. Probably Q3 & Q4 of 2023. 8) Calculator should have notes or tutorial or video on how to use. 9) SEO








I am seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a custom Elementor plugin for personal use, aimed at enhancing the functionality of Elementor for managing long-form content. Please note that this project is intended for a small website, and I have a limited budget. The primary goal of this plugin is to introduce features that enable the effective management of long-form content, similar to the page break and content management capabilities found in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Key Features of the Plugin: 1. Page Break Widget: Create a dedicated widget that allows for easy pagination of long content within the Elementor editor. This widget should provide a user-friendly interface to insert page breaks at desired points in the content, similar to the `` tag in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. 2. Anchor Links: Enable the creation of anchor links within the content, facilitating seamless navigation to specific sections of the page with a single click. The ideal freelancer should possess the following qualifications: - Proficiency in WordPress plugin development, with expertise in Elementor. - Strong knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. - Experience in extending Elementor's functionality and integrating with its existing workflows. - Attention to detail, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, well-documented code. Please note that the final deliverable should be a fully functional plugin compatible with the latest version of Elementor. Ongoing support and maintenance would be appreciated but can be negotiated separately. Also, include the word 'coconut' at the beginning of your proposal to indicate that you have read the entire project description. Proposals that do not include the word 'coconut' will not be considered. Thanks.
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