Temporary Site for Philpott Design

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I need a web developer who is an expert in creating a Wordpress site (or simular) to our designs.
We have to get a brochure site up by 13th April as we are attending a big event.
I will populate the site.
The content is primarily beautiful images (as we are designers) with the occasional video (hosted on our vimeo), and text.
The main criteria is for it to look clean and simple, so the images will look great.
I am comfortable managing websites using Wordpress, which is why I think it is probably the right platform for this brochure website. But, it can be a different platform but it must be easily updateable.
We are seeking for the homepage: "infinite scrolling" for hyperlinked image/video content. (Mosiac plugin?) And, the ability to have on/off checkbox in the admin for setting images to be prioritised (or not) so they load first.
Here is an ugly example: https://infinite-scroll.com/demo/masonry/
It is too ugly for us to use this plugin
Other points:The rest of the site will be text, image and video content, within a 'simple' template of cards/blocks.Mobile first (obviously)Ideally responsive (but might settle for dynamic based on costs)