Design a case study slide, using Keynote

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I need a designer to turn a case study slide I have made in Keynote, into a much better looking case study using my brand font.
I also need you to create editable, shareable assets to promote this case study on social media.
Deliverables:- 1 x case study slide in Keynote - 1 x social media asset (for LinkedIn) with quote and image of finance director- 1 x social media asset (for LinkedIn) with headline stats- 1 x social media asset with heading + logos
All of the above need to be editable, so please provide in a keynote file, or other easy to edit file type.
Logos and imagery attached. I will send you the keynote file directly as pph does not allow sending of keynote files on the post.








Elements Needed: Enlighten Whitening Logo: Ensure high-resolution. High-Quality Images: Professional and clean images related to the whitening process, with bright smiles, before and after comparisons, etc. no faces Statements/Taglines: Choose compelling statements that highlight the benefits and unique selling points of the Enlighten Whitening service. "Achieve the brightest smile with Enlighten Whitening." ""or "Smile confidently with Enlighten Whitening."- or suggest one of your own Design Suggestions: Colour Scheme: Use clean, professional colours like white black , and silver to convey cleanliness and trust. Fonts: Simple, readable fonts for clear communication. Layout: Roller Banner: Typically tall and narrow, so vertical layout with logo at the top, followed by a large image, and text at the bottom. Poster (A1/A2): Horizontal or vertical layout with the logo at the top, images in the middle, and text at the bottom. use these links - to access the images that we can use - i dont have the the original Jpegs :- 2. 3. 4. these give you an idea of the cleaness of the imargery needed-- 5.
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