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I'm looking for someone to write SEO blog post content for me to help increase my website traffic. I have specific keywords + a topical content plan for 12 articles at 1800 words per article.  The pur…








Technical Content Writer for Software Topics We create technical articles for software companies around the world. We have a client list that includes household names in tech. The areas we are currently looking for experience in: application security engineering DevOps and cloud systems administration databases and SQL This role is specifically for someone who wants to write about software development based on experience in the field. You don’t need significant writing experience, but you do need sufficient development experience. Any applications without clear evidence of a minimum of 3 years in software roles will be immediately rejected. Your schedule This is a part time freelance flexible role. ‍ Our technical content writing process Your primary responsibility is writing the main body of technical articles. You will also be involved in: Researching top­ics on soft­ware devel­op­ment, programming languages, and artificial intelligence. Engaging with clients to get an in-depth understanding of subject matter Creation of outlines for articles of various lengths Reviewing drafts and outlines and providing feedback to other writers Receiving feedback from other writers and our technical editors. Working with our graphic designer to create informative technical illustrations for your articles. ‍ We have been creating content since 2018. We work with 5-10 clients at a time and create content in different parts of the software industry. The team works around an efficient and supportive structure which is permanently evolving to create a more productive and happier work environment where creativity is encouraged. Get mentored by other writers, subject matter experts, and our editors. You’ll get to explore different areas of software and the nuts and bolts of new technologies. Work as a flexible freelance member of the team with possibility of growing into a full time role at a later stage. ‍ ‍ Our teamwork tools We value a CS degree, but this is not essential We prefer candidates with development experience in: Dev ops Security
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