Women's Business Council logo design

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I need a logo designed for a group called - Women's Business Council. The group is within a global corporation that is a client of mine. Please see uploaded brief.








We are looking for a designer who would feel confident to bring a creative flair and emotive content to an accountancy firm - so a tall order :-) This will be an in-depth project which will require you to have a creative input and also spend sufficient time with us to adequately understand our brand and values etc. We don't want someone to just throw a website together, as anyone can do that, the skill comes in to make it capture peoples emotion and appeal to our ideal client, whilst at the same time being modern and engaging. We have the copy drafted by our copywriter, who has mocked up pages in Canva. So we're ready for someone else to bring the copy/words alive through visual presentation and graphics. We've got some websites we like and are in process of drafting a more detailed brand guide. We are also looking to create an on-going relationship here, so that we can continue working together on all marketing channels to ensure brand consistency. Budget is an estimate for the entire project, we have no idea at this stage what the costs might be at this stage. I think a helpful way to proceed with this project would be to do an initial design for the homepage to ensure that we are on the same wavelength, before proceeding with the further pages. I've made a video overview of the project to give a little further information here:- https://www.loom.com/share/a9611f11eb9c4e4187d7c8e83f706265 Any questions please let me know. Also please let me know a little about how you think we might achieve some emotive/capturing content for an accountancy firm! Thanks, Paul
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