Optimize site loading speed to 2.5 sec

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I have a website trusteducator.com .earlier the site loading speed was 3-4 sec.Now Speed is 10-12 sec .I want my redo of the coding so that page loading speed is 2.5 sec.I want to optimize google core web vitals.








We have an existing Windows Service running (made in C#) making some other tasks. We want to add the option to sync from one source database to another based on a Sync Period Timer and only if newest events got created. Expected Fields to sync are 9 (EventID, Date, Time, LastName, FirstName, Current Date, Current Time, Information1, Information2 ) and of course it could be none, only one or multiple events found inside source DB every time . What is already working: We are getting inside the service the local Registry variable fields of the source Database (hostname/port/username/password) We are getting inside the service the local Registry variables of target Database ((hostname/port/username/password) We are getting inside the service the local Registry variable of Sync Period Time (i.e. sync every 60sec) We are getting inside the service the linked Table and Field Names we are interested to sync (TableName and FieldName of 9 explained Fields) Every time inside Source Database a new event occurs a new EventID is being Created. What we need: 1. Make a new SQL connection to source Database every Sync Period Time. 2. Compare the last Event ID, and copy any newest events in the source Database newest events and copy them to the target Database 3. If new event(s) are found, we should also update a defined field inside Windows local Registry with the latest Event ID, Current Time, and Current Date for knowing when the last successful sync was done. Existing Service is working and doing other tasks and other SQL connection(s) with different timers and different Database , which though are not connected with the current requests. We are available for any questions and can help you with existing code if you want to use any part of it. Pretty clear demands and shouldn't take too much time for an experienced programmer to finish. We have though made a 1-2 weeks available delivery duration but sooner delivery will be appreciated. Skills in SQL, and C# are demanded for the current project.
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