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I am looking for an experienced WordPress developer to create a website for our business. The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years of experience working with WordPress and be able to provide s…








We are seeking a skilled researcher to conduct a thorough analysis of APIs relevant to building a tool for automating DMCA takedown notices. The ideal candidate will have experience in API research and summarization, with a focus on identifying APIs suitable for DMCA takedown requests and copyright enforcement. Responsibilities: - Conduct research to identify APIs related to DMCA takedown notices, content analysis, reverse image search, text analysis, and copyright monitoring. - Evaluate the features, capabilities, and pricing of each API to assess its suitability for automating DMCA takedown requests. - Provide a comprehensive summary of key findings, including a comparison of APIs based on factors such as accuracy, coverage, ease of integration, and cost-effectiveness. - Present recommendations for the most suitable APIs to use in building the DMCA takedown tool, considering the project's goals and requirements for copyright enforcement. Requirements: - Strong research skills and experience in gathering information from various sources, including API documentation, developer resources, and online reviews. - Familiarity with APIs related to DMCA takedown notices, content analysis, reverse image search, text analysis, and copyright monitoring, as well as their respective use cases and limitations. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to articulate findings and recommendations clearly and concisely. - Attention to detail and the ability to analyze complex information to extract key insights relevant to building a DMCA takedown tool. If you have a passion for API research and expertise in identifying and evaluating APIs for copyright enforcement purposes, we invite you to apply. Please provide details of your relevant experience and examples of previous research or analysis work. We look forward to receiving your proposals and collaborating with you to identify the best APIs for building our DMCA takedown tool. Thank you for considering this opportunity!
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I am currently importing products, category by category into Shopify from my current database In the meantime I want to check viability / implement all the custom functions below. I require quite a few customisations to be added to ensure we can process orders, manage inventory and allow our order fulfillment team to generate invoices / picking notes and generate DHL shipping labels. Please note: I looked for these options in Shopify but couldn’t see anything. We don't want to pay for Advanced or Plus if not necessary. But I am open to suggestions on what is best overall. If a suitable add-on already exists we would consider that and require that to be installed and tested to check it is suitable. 1) DOMAIN: Help with .co.uk domain transfer to ensure as seamless as transition as possible from our current live online store. With minimum downtime. 2) CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS + MINIMUMS + PRICING We currently have the following ordering options a) Checkout as guest (no minimum order + retail prices) b) Registered retail client (no minimum order + retail prices) c) Registered wholesale client (instant approval and access + requires minimum spend + wholesale prices) d) Registered preferential client (we offer an even lower price (than wholesale price) hand selected larger clients, this status is activated privately and not available via the shop front end. (We could maybe discount a wholesale price order, instead of creating a third set of prices. But this not ideal as some do order via the shopfront) Same products available to all 3) ORDER PACKING LIST To enable speedier order picking, we currently order each product on the order picking list by exact warehouse location. By Bay number + Shelf with a simple reference for each product e.g 40.05 / 40.06 etc So we would somehow need to be able to order the Shopify packing list in the same way. Maybe by importing our current picking order references into a new field that the packing list could then be ordered by. 4) SHIPPING ZONES: We only ship to England, Wales and parts of Scotland. We have a postcode prefix list that our checkout currently refers to. We would need the system to not permit shipping to certain zones + also charge the correct shipping fee based on the zone e.g parts of Scotland are more expensive to ship to. So we have a tiered price which eventually reduces to free shipping the higher the value of the order. We also have different shipping costs for retail and wholesale customers. 5) PRODUCT QTY RESTRICTIONS We sell some items in pre-packed multiples of 3, 4 or 6 etc We price per individual unit but insist they buy in the set multiples. We would need the same functionality. We could maybe reprice (price x 3,4 or 6) and sell as a pack but this is not ideal. 6) DHL parcel UK. SHIPPING LABELS We currently import a csv file of current awaiting shipping order data into DHL (as if we are importing new customers overwriting existing data each time). We then use that data to access client details to quickly create a shipping label. This is a little bit convoluted but it works. I see there is a Marketplace Shopify configuration option in DHL SHIP settings. I don't know how it works, but if there was some way of being able to access an individual order in Shopify and create a DHL label and once printed it updates the order to shipped including adding the shipping reference that would be an improvement. If not we could continue importing the csv file as before and I noticed there is a suitable add-on available from https://www.exportible.com which would allow us to create a custom file with the necessary data from the Shopify orders allowing additional required custom field with static information to match the required fields in the DHL template 7) INVENTORY MANAGEMENT We only have 1 location for all stock. We could initially manage by exporting the stock level from Shopify into our current back-end system. Then create supplier orders etc from that new data. Same for goods inward. We could quite easily download current stock levels and add arriving items to the quantity and upload the new stock level The problem with that is if there are any sales during that process the figures would be out. So ideally I would be looking for a basic inventory management add-on that can manage stock arrivals and trigger supplier reorders based on reorder levels and reorder quantity to each specific supplier. With an easy booking in mechanism as goods arrived and are added to stock. I am sure there are lots of add-on options like this so I am looking more for guidance on what is best on this one and also installation and testing. Apologies, I am not a techie other than self-taught but I do understand the logic required quite well as we use every day. So if you need any further details please let me know. Please forward your proposals and importantly the estimated timescale as we would like to get moving quite quickly on all this. Best Regards, Dave
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