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What I am looking to have developed is a membership site for my users. That will have the normal login and register operations, user back offices, payment integration for purchasing memberships. As well as add on purchases from the members area. I need a secure platform that cannot be hacked/exploited.
I also need to have api's created, and interact with some other api data from another company that I will be using to pull data into my back office for users. And save and sort that data into my own database that will need to be very agile.
I want to use Atlas for the databaseFor the front end you can use what you would like
Do not submit a proposal if you are not actually going to do the job for the price you submit. I don't want to waste my time only to have you say you want 3x the money. If you want 3x the money, don't submit a proposal. If you can do it for my budget, I'm ready to go.
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I am working on an ESP32 project that involves BLE communication with a Unity application. The ESP32 reads data from sensors and notifies the connected BLE client (Unity app) of the sensor values. Most of the characteristics are working fine, but I am facing an issue with one specific characteristic (Ch_data1) that fails to notify the client. Project Details: Microcontroller: ESP32 BLE Client: Unity application BLE Server: ESP32 Sensors: DHT11, DHT22 for temperature and humidity Additional Data: Voltage reading Programming Language: C++ for ESP32, C# for Unity Problem Description: The Ch_data1 characteristic, which contains voltage, firmware version, and other relevant data, is not notifying the connected BLE client (Unity application). Other characteristics are successfully notifying the client, but Ch_data1 fails to do so despite similar setup and code. What I've Tried: Ensured MTU is set to 512 Verified other characteristics notify correctly Checked data formatting and length Added delays between notifications Tested with BLE scanner apps to rule out Unity app issues Requirements: Identify the root cause of why Ch_data1 is not notifying the BLE client. Provide a solution or workaround to enable successful notification for Ch_data1. Ensure the solution is stable and doesn't interfere with other BLE functionalities. Additional Information: I'm using the NimBLE library for BLE on the ESP32. Unity logs indicate it subscribes to the characteristic, but no data is received. Other characteristics (e.g., temperature, humidity) notify correctly without issues. Deliverables: Debugged and fixed code for the ESP32. Detailed explanation of the issue and the steps taken to resolve it. (Optional) Any recommendations for optimizing BLE communication in my setup.
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