Web design

500.0 USD

500.0 USD peopleperhour 设计 海外


Necesitamos dos Webs, una para nuestra Inmobiliaria y otra para nuestra empresa BPO. Preferentemente alguien que ya haya creado webs en esa especialidad. Se paga el presupuesto por cada Web. El precio se puede negociar y acordar.








I'm not sure of the long-term structure to aim at with this new project, but initially, so every service-provider on a perhour contract, can stay working from home, and see hands-on from the inside by carrying out the basic sewing roles. After which they can decide if they would like to keep going, or take a different part in an expanding design and manufacturing business, based in England - making and distributing domestic FMCG products designed by me to begin, with further designs coming from any others involved with their IP protections registered and respected. CV summaries and aspirations welcome in due course... there will soon be openings for website development, financial management, logistics with manufacture and export from other countries with lower labour costs. To avoid exploitation, these should be joint-ventures 'franchised' (without fees) with the locals taking a significant stake through their input of skills and commitment, not a cash investment. Stakes available to early participants in this exciting 'startup' subject to current management approval. The main focus is to have a range of good products, not copied by others initially, that offer excellent user-experience, well-made for best durability, so are properly 'engineered' without compromise, however simple they may appear. Realistic quotations for about half-an-hour's work – sewing light to medium weight woven fabrics, from edge binding/hemming and applying Velcro onto faux fur to lapped seams on slippery coated nylon and coating fabrics in between. I am an experienced businessman with no staff or co-workers – yet – willing to share the project with the right group.....
23.0 GBP 设计 peopleperhour 海外