I need a logo creating for a property management business

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I would like a logo to be designed for my property management business - Windgreen Properties Ltd.
I've got something in mind but would like for ideas/inspiration to come from the designer to pick an option.
We would like for it to look professional and simple.








Design Brief: Haile Coffee Brand Overview: Haile Coffee is a new brand of Ethiopian coffee designed for runners. The name of the brand and our USP comes from the owner (Haile) of the coffee farm in Ethiopia who is also one of the world’s most famous distance runners. We aim to create a visually appealing and distinctive brand identity that reflects Ethiopian culture and appeals to our target audience. We require a logo design, brand guidelines, and packaging design to establish a strong and cohesive brand presence in an increasingly crowded market. Brand Name: Haile Coffee Brand Personality: Energetic Authentic Invigorating Inspirational Premium Target Audience: Our primary target audience is runners and fitness enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality coffee. They value an active lifestyle and seek products that align with their values. Initially we will be targetting a UK audience but we are targeting an international audience. Competitor Analysis: Some of the brands we've been impressed with are ‘Calender Coffee’ and ‘Exhale Coffee’. The latter in particular sets a benchmark for effective branding and product design. We admire their ability to capture the essence of their brand and connect with their target audience. We aim to achieve a similar level of branding excellence and product design that sets us apart from the competition and allows us to exploit our USP. Design Inspiration: The design should reflect the Ethiopian origin of our coffee. We draw inspiration from Ethiopian culture, landscapes, runners, and pastel colours like green, blue, and yellow. These colours evoke a sense of nature, freshness, and energy. Deliverables: Logo Design: Create a unique and memorable logo that incorporates elements related to running and Ethiopian culture. The logo should be versatile and work well across various applications and sizes. Brand Guidelines: Develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that define the visual elements and guidelines for maintaining brand consistency. This includes colour palette, typography, logo usage, imagery style, and overall visual tone. Packaging Design: Design coffee packaging that combines the Ethiopian cultural influences with a modern, athletic aesthetic. The packaging should communicate the premium quality of the product, appeal to the target audience, and stand out on shelves. Key Messages: Authentic Ethiopian Coffee Energize Your Run Handcrafted for Runners Tone and Style: The brand tone should be confident, uplifting, and inspiring. The style should be contemporary, clean, and minimalist while capturing the spirit of Ethiopian culture and the energy of running. Key Design Elements: We would like to use pastel colours like green, blue, and yellow to reflect Ethiopian landscapes and evoke a sense of freshness and energy. Incorporate running-related imagery or symbols in the logo and packaging design. Consider incorporating Ethiopian cultural elements, such as traditional patterns or motifs, in a contemporary and tasteful manner. Typography should be modern and legible, conveying a sense of energy and movement. Ensure that the overall design is visually appealing, eye-catching, and memorable. Timeline: Logo Design: Completion within two weeks of project start. Brand Guidelines: Completion within three weeks of project start. Packaging Design: Completion within four weeks of project start.
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