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I need 1000 words to be edited.








I am currently developing a range of online learning courses aimed at Psychotherapists/Counsellors who work with clients and are seeking to gain further knowledge/insight into how to work with specific presenting issues. To support this project, I am seeking a freelancer to help build out the PowerPoint slide deck (from an existing branded template, i.e. to populate the branded slides with text/images along with accompanying presenter notes, that I can then use to record the video lectures). I am looking for 12 x 'lessons' (i.e. set of powerpoint slides with notes that I can record a video lecture using), with each lesson lasting approximately 10 minutes, roughly 8-10 slides of information with a few bullet points of information (with accompanying notes) on each slide. The format of the courses are as follows: Section 1 (3 x lessons) - Underlying concepts/theory relating to the issue Section 2 (3 x lessons) - Conceptualisation (i.e. how this issue impacts client's lives, what we might observe as therapists in the room) Section 3 (3 x lessons) - Approaches to intervention (i.e. how we might work with the issue) Section 4 (3 x lessons) - Navigation and wider considerations (i.e. any final thoughts/other things that therapists may need to think about when working with this issue) The content for the above 12 lessons forms the basis of the primary content for the online course. I will look at things like course introductions/welcome videos separately to the above so doesn't need to include that style of material. I am planning on producing quite a number of online courses (40+) over time so ideally looking to build a relationship to work with a freelancer on an ongoing basis, however in the first instance here are a few of the topics that I'd like to commission (starting with 1 topic to see how we work together and then go from there): - Working with Anger - Working with Anxiety - Working with Depression Attached is an example course outline, which provides all of the headers I would ideally like the course information/content to focus around for each lesson.
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