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I'm looking for someone that can build WordPress Website with some additional Custom features Total 8 Pages Website Workshop (Website Main Page) Rent A car - When someone visits the rent a car page th…








Good morning, I want to build a great 'course' website with a course platform like but not decided on Kajai? However I have some additional features that I am currently using on my wordpress website.  - Directory Listing. - Private Member Dashboard with Daily Tasks and Rewards for completions of tasks and courses.  I need to first figure out the best way around this. I believe I can keep the wordpress directly and run on a subdomain. Courses obviously through Kajai. But I need to immpliment the best way to create the dashboard with daily tasks and Rewards?  Here is some ideas I think could work but I need an exepet to exicute them. Directory Listing. - Retain Current WordPress Site: - Continue using WordPress site for the member directory listing. - Set upKajabi account and build course site. - Use A Subdomain to seamlessly integrate both platforms under custom domain. Private Member Dashboard with Daily Tasks and Rewards for completions of tasks and courses.  - Custom code Dashboard - Develop a custom dashboard. - Embed this dashboard into a Kajabi page using the code block feature. - Use Kajabi’s API to track user progress and update the dashboard accordingly. - Integrating with WordPress, using a gamification plugin like BadgeOS to create tasks and rewards. - Then link from Kajabi to WordPress gamification pages. - Would this be better built in the wordpress or Kajabi site?   I do not know if this is the best route, I do know it is possible, I just need to find the best route and then exicute it. Please responsd with an itemized quote. Do not go off the budget given and I am just guessing. Many thanks, Susie
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