I need a Laravel Developer Working with me as Team

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Hello Laravel Developer.I Amzad Hossen. I am Custom WordPress Theme & Plugin Developer. My one clients want to develope E-commerce website by Laravel. But I haven’t good in Laravel. So I need best skill laravel expert that He working with me as a team. Bangladeshi based developer Recommend.
Pls don't send fake proposal I am also developer.That I understand.Requirements: ★ Strong Knowledge in Php, mySql, Laravel Framework, Rest Api★ Strong Knowledge in React.Js★ Strong Knowledge MVC,seeds,migration, view components,Route,controller etcPayment Gateway Integration: Integrating payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or other popular payment gateways is essential for an e-commerce website. You should have knowledge about these gateways and the APIs they provide for integration.
Security: Security is of utmost importance when it comes to e-commerce websites. You should have knowledge about security best practices and techniques to prevent data breaches and other malicious attacks.
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with the NFT marketplace. The project involves both front-end and back-end development with a focus on seamless web3 integration. Project Overview: Our objective is to develop a modern, user-friendly NFT Gaming Platform that merges the excitement of gaming with the innovative potential of NFTs and blockchain technology. The platform will feature account creation, wallet integration, a dynamic leaderboard, NFT management, and a user dashboard. Users will engage in a snake game where they can win and collect NFTs. Responsibilities: Development: Develop a web-based platform focusing on usability, performance, and security. Integrate blockchain technology for NFT management and wallet connectivity. Implement game mechanics, including the snake game where users collect tokens and win NFTs. Develop a leaderboard system to display daily and weekly scores. Ensure the platform is secure, scalable, and supports future enhancements. Deploy the platform to a hosting service (e.g., AWS, DigitalOcean). Testing and Maintenance: Perform thorough testing to ensure functionality, security, and performance. Provide ongoing support and maintenance post-launch. Key Features: User Account Management: Create and manage user accounts. Wallet connection and verification for web3 functionality. Dashboard: Overview of user activity, quick links, and access to different sections. Navigation to games, NFTs, wallets, and leaderboards. Games Section: List of available games with detailed descriptions. Play a snake game where users collect tokens and win NFTs. NFT Management: View and manage NFTs won in games. Options to mint, trade, and view NFT details. Integration with NFT marketplaces. Wallet Management: View wallet details, transaction history, and add funds. Verify wallet connectivity and manage settings. Leaderboard: Daily and weekly leaderboards. Claim rewards and view historical performance. Requirements: Technical Skills: Strong experience with web development technologies (React, Vue.js, or similar frameworks). Proficiency in blockchain development (Solidity, [login to view URL]). Experience with smart contract development and NFT standards (ERC-721, ERC-1155). Knowledge of back-end technologies (Node.js, Express, MongoDB). Familiarity with integrating wallets (MetaMask, WalletConnect). Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Excellent communication and teamwork abilities. Ability to meet deadlines and manage time effectively. Deliverables: Fully functional web-based NFT Gaming Platform. Integrated blockchain functionalities and wallet connectivity. Thoroughly tested and deployed platform ready for users. Timeline: 2 Weeks
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