Experienced Perfex developer needed to create a security module

300.0 USD

300.0 USD peopleperhour 技术与编程 海外


I need an experienced developer with a solid understanding of Perfex to create a security module for me.the features of this module will be as follows.1: Block specific I.P addresses2: Allow exclusive I.P addresses (Only these addresses can login to the system)3: Block user polygamy (Do not allow a username to be login more than once)4: User Inactivity time out. On or off option with the ability to set the time out period from 1 - 60 mins.5: Exclude admin account from IP blocking. 6: Allow for an IP address (At User Account Level that will not be blocked). 7: Force user password change at next login 8: Set a user account to expire at a specific date and time9: Ability to automatically block user accounts at certain times of the day, Can be configured on the role or individual account level. Precidence will be taken on the individual level. This should also have logging to see which user tried to login and time and if they were granted access or not.
**** PLEASE understand what you are bidding on here. My request is for a fully functional module. I will not be paying for partial development. So, if you do not have experience with perfex coding, do not bid on this project. I am not here to train you on how perfex works either.I will retain exclusive rights to the module which you MUST transfer to me at the end of the project****
Please include any examples of previous work on perfex. If the right person is found, project can start immediately.