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we are looking for people to join the team who will come up with new videos for well-known global companies. We offer a fixed salary for each creative idea. We expect 1-3 videos from you per month. Fo…








Elements Needed: Enlighten Whitening Logo: Ensure high-resolution. High-Quality Images: Professional and clean images related to the whitening process, with bright smiles, before and after comparisons, etc. no faces Statements/Taglines: Choose compelling statements that highlight the benefits and unique selling points of the Enlighten Whitening service. "Achieve the brightest smile with Enlighten Whitening." ""or "Smile confidently with Enlighten Whitening."- or suggest one of your own Design Suggestions: Colour Scheme: Use clean, professional colours like white black , and silver to convey cleanliness and trust. Fonts: Simple, readable fonts for clear communication. Layout: Roller Banner: Typically tall and narrow, so vertical layout with logo at the top, followed by a large image, and text at the bottom. Poster (A1/A2): Horizontal or vertical layout with the logo at the top, images in the middle, and text at the bottom. use these links - to access the images that we can use - i dont have the the original Jpegs :- 2. 3. 4. these give you an idea of the cleaness of the imargery needed-- 5.
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**Freelance Project Brief: CADGIS to QGIS Conversion and Export to QField** **Project Overview:** We are seeking a skilled freelancer with expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to convert approximately 20 CADGIS maps into QGIS format. The successful completion of this project involves not only the conversion of these maps but also their subsequent export to QField for mobile GIS data collection and mapping. This project is pivotal for our field data collection efforts, allowing us to leverage precise and efficient GIS capabilities in our operations. **Objectives:** - Convert approximately 20 CADGIS maps into QGIS format with utmost accuracy. - Ensure that all elements of the CADGIS maps are properly transferred and functional within QGIS. - Export the converted QGIS maps to QField, verifying their compatibility and performance on mobile devices for field data collection. **Scope of Work:** 1. **Conversion of CADGIS mapinfo to QGIS:** - Analyze and convert CADGIS maps to QGIS, retaining all geographical and attribute data. - Perform necessary adjustments to ensure that the maps are fully functional in QGIS, including layer properties, symbols, and other relevant GIS data. 2. **Export to QField:** - Prepare and export the QGIS maps to QField format, ensuring compatibility with QField standards. - Test the maps on QField to verify their operability and accuracy for field use. 3. **Quality Assurance and Testing:** - Conduct thorough testing at each stage of the project to ensure the integrity of the data and its usability in QGIS and QField. - Address any issues identified during testing to ensure the maps meet project requirements. **Deliverables:** - QGIS files of the converted maps, ready for use. - Documentation detailing the conversion process, including any specific adjustments made to ensure compatibility with QGIS and QField. - A final report summarizing the project outcomes, challenges encountered, and solutions implemented. **Budget:** The total budget for this project is €100. This budget covers all aspects of the project, from conversion to testing and final delivery. **Timeline:** The desired completion time for this project is [insert timeline here, e.g., 2 weeks from project commencement]. Please provide a proposed timeline with your application. **Application Requirements:** Interested freelancers should submit a brief proposal
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