Application Stepper and Integration


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Frontend Development: Application Stepper and Integration: We are working on a UI/UX redesign of our website. Basic frontend has been created. Now the application stepper needs to be created for our s…








Hi This is our website it is on the Wix platform we need someone who will automate the process so please take a look at the process and also what needs to be added to the website. Please include pricing in the quote. Time frame 10 days from the day you get the job. Anyone will applies without pricing will be declined The tasks: Customer Journey Discover the Website Marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the website- affiliated partners SEO and social media presence. Register on the Website The user fills in First Name, Last Name, Company Name, LinkedIn Profile, and one Social Account. Email verification process. Get a code so the email is correct ? Complete Pre-Qualification Questionnaire 2-minute questionnaire to determine eligibility for experiences. This need to be online – easy and accessible Non-qualified users receive a message indicating they did not meet the criteria Access the Platform Qualified users can browse and book experiences. We need all premier league games online and also F1 and other experiences so need to be a full calendar and a click-register interest They will get an automatic reply. Thanks for your interest we will be in touch soon Integration with CRM Data of qualified users is automatically sent to the CRM for further processing. ( pipedrive ) Work Process: Automated Client Pre-Qualification and Profiling System 1. Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Scoring Objective: Evaluate potential customers using a pre-qualification questionnaire and assign a score. Steps: Create Questionnaire: Develop a set of questions aimed at assessing the suitability and potential value of a customer. Implement AI Scoring System: Use an AI model to assign scores based on responses. Tool: AI-based questionnaire evaluation (using a platform like Typeform with AI integration). Display Percentage Score: Convert the score into a percentage that reflects the customer's fit. 2. Integration with Pipedrive CRM Objective: Automatically create a new lead in the CRM system. Steps: API Integration: Use API to integrate the questionnaire tool with Pipedrive. Tool: Zapier integration. Create New Lead: Upon completion and scoring of the questionnaire, create a new lead in Pipedrive with the customer's data. 3. AI-Supported Profiling Objective: Enhance profiling of the customer using AI tools. Steps: Data Collection: Gather all relevant customer data and social profiles. Tool: AI-based data enrichment tools (e.g., Clearbit, ZoomInfo). Profiling: Use AI to analyze and enhance the customer profile. ( no idea on ) ???? Tool: Machine learning algorithms to predict customer behavior, preferences, etc. 4. Data Validation and Social Collection Objective: Ensure all data is collected and validated. Steps: Automated Data Validation: Use AI tools to validate the accuracy and completeness of the data. Tool: Data validation services (e.g., DataRobot). Social Media Integration: Collect and integrate social media profiles. Tool: Social media scraping tools (e.g., Phantombuster). 5. Sales Lead Assignment and Notification Objective: Assign the customer to a sales lead and notify them via email. Steps: Automated Assignment: Automatically assign each potential customer to a sales lead based on predefined criteria. Tool: Pipedrive’s lead routing features or custom automation. Email Notification: Initiate an automated email to the assigned sales lead with full details of the client. Tool: Email automation services (e.g., Mailchimp, SendGrid). Summary of Tools and Technologies Pre-Qualification and Scoring: Typeform with AI integration. CRM Integration: Zapier or custom API integration with Pipedrive. AI Profiling: Clearbit, ZoomInfo. Data Validation: DataRobot. Social Media Collection: Phantombuster. Lead Assignment and Notification: Pipedrive lead routing, Mailchimp, SendGrid.
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